About Telephos Ltd

Specialists in Contact Centre Management,  Consulting and Outsource Telemarketing


Telephos "the Benefactor", one that confers a benefit - resulting from some course of action

Karen Campbell and Ann Mayer have worked extensively in the field of Telemarketing, Sales and Call Centre Consulting and share years of experience in providing businesses with successful tools and strategies.  From their experience TELEPHOS evolved.


Over the years we have worked on various projects including working with Trade New Zealand to look at ways to lift the profile of New Zealand as a  key provider of high quality Contact Centre experience and knowledge. During this time one of the key issues identified was the lack of experience available in any single geographic centre and a solution to this was to develop a Virtual Call Centre environment.  With the growing emphasis on Teleworking this has become a very viable and sustainable solution. 

Our work with clients also identified the specific need within the small to medium (SMed) Business market for experienced and knowledgeable Call Centre management skills on a short term or as needed basis.  Many SMed companies do not require (or can afford) this level of expertise on a full time basis however they often need support and direction in setting up or reviewing their Contact Centre.

We developed and set up Telephos to provide these services.

Our services include

    • Outbound Telemarketing campaigns (in-house or outsourced)
    • Contact Management
    • Call Centre Consulting and Management
    • Staff and Management Development
    • Contact Centre Set up
    • Process and Procedure review

By selecting Telephos you can achieve the following Benefits:

  • We are ‘Outbound Telemarketing & Call Centre ’ specialists
  • We have over 65 years (combined) outbound Contact Centre Management experience (in New Zealand, Australia and Great Britain)
  • We specialise in outbound ‘business to business’ calling for the small to medium business market
  • Our people are well trained and highly skilled to ensure every telephone contact is effective and productive
  • We offer hands on experience in the development and implementation of Outbound Telemarketing Campaigns, Telemarketing Services and Contact Management
  • We can provide our clients with an added sales/lead channel (outsourcing) or we can work alongside your existing contact centre
  • We work as part of your team
  • You don’t need to worry about staff sick days or holidays impacting on your sales activity or marketing campaigns
  • We focus on Effective Measurement and Results
  • We also focus on lifetime value - with our clients and their customers
  • We focus on your business
If you want more information on how Telephos & Mayer Consultants can grow your business, check the services / capabilities page or call on +64 9 476 5996