Outsourced Telemarketing

Outsourced Telemarketing


Telephone Prospecting = New Business Identification, Development and Acquisition

  • Telephos are able to advise on key requirements for building your prospect database
  • Telephos can also advise on the development and purchase of lists
  • Telephos can build prospect databases for you
  • Telephos can talk with your target market to identify and develop prospective customers
  • Telephos can assist with Information Marketing and the follow up process to ensure your company is top of mind, keeping you ahead of your competitors
  • Telephos can help you identify and qualify your ‘A’ prospects
  • Telephos can schedule qualified Business to Business appointments for your sales people
  • Telephos can manage the Appointment and Lead feedback process

Telephone Account Management = Retention and growth

  • Telephos will keep in touch with your existing customers through well-planned and efficiently scheduled contacts
  • Telephos will keep your current customers well informed and ensure your sales revenue is maximized
  • Telephos can Up Sell and/or Cross Sell your products and services
  • Telephos can develop and build long-term relationships with new and existing customers on your behalf
  • Telephos will ensure your customer data base is kept up to date and current
  • Telephos can keep your competitors at bay and ensure your company’s products and services stay top of mind with your existing customers
  • Telephos can assist to grow the value of your customers.
  • Telephos are able to integrate with your sales and marketing and work with your Account Managers and Sales Representatives to ensure best use of resources

You can now focus on and look after your top customers -

(The well known 20% factor) and we’ll look after and grow the rest. Telephone Account Management enables you to focus and grow effective and valuable long-term relationships with ALL your customers.

Database Clean

  • Telephos can cleanse and update your existing databases prior to marketing campaigns thus ensuring best returns on resources and investment

Telephone Follow Up - Direct Marketing Campaigns / Trade shows

  • Telephos can increase the effectiveness of your Direct Marketing Campaigns and manage your Trade Show follow ups for best return on investment
  • Telephos are able to turn your marketing into ‘warm’ databases through follow up to Direct Marketing Campaigns

Seminar, Workshop and Event Telemarketing and Telephone follow up

  • Telephos  can talk with your target market to identify and develop prospects for current and future seminars, workshops and events.
  • Telephos  will follow up your Seminar, Workshops and Events Marketing to ensure registrations are maximized
  • Telephos  can follow up on registrations to confirm maximum attendance
  • Telephos  can assist with seminar, workshops and event follow up calling for feedback and best return on investment

Benefits of our Services

  • Telephos  are a specialist ‘Outbound Telemarketing’ company
  • Telephos  specialise in outbound ‘business to business’ calling for the small to medium business market
  • Telephos  have over 65 years (combined) outbound Contact Centre Management experience (in New Zealand, Australia and Great Britain)
  • Telephos  people are well trained and highly skilled to ensure every telephone contact is effective and productive
  • Telephos offer hands on experience in the development and implementation of Outbound Telemarketing Campaigns, Telemarketing Services and Contact Management
  • Telephos  provide our clients with an added sales/lead channel (and can work alongside your existing contact centre)
  • Telephos  work as part of your team
  • Telephos provide the staff and you don’t need to worry about sick days or holidays impacting on your sales activity or marketing campaigns
  • Telephos  focus on Effective Measurement and Results
  • Telephos  also focus on lifetime value - with our clients and their customers
  • Telephos focus on your business

KEEPING in touch and having an EFFECTIVE conversation with a customer or a prospective customer can increase your the bottom line profitability.

“Customer Dialogue builds loyalty and profit”